Kanye West Drops ‘Jesus Is King’ Album On Friday

Kanye West

New lover of Jesus Christ and American rapper Kanye West has announced that he will drop his gospel album on Friday, October 25, 2019.

The rapper who has earlier announced that he would do strictly gospel music, took to his twitter handle on Monday morning to disclose that he would release the album titled ”Jesus Is King” this Friday.

Since early this year, Kenya West has never failed to proclaim his new found love for Christianity. He has demonstrated this love in every given opportunity.

He has been having a regular concert tagged ‘Sunday Service’ where he mostly shares with his audience how much he has embraced Christianity.

The “Jesus Is King” album drama began in August 2019 when Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian tweeted what appeared to be an album tracklist. The tracklist was filled with Christian-themed titles, which West reposted on his website.

By the time Kim Kardashian first announced Kanye West’s new album Jesus Is King, it was the logical extension of West’s fulsome embrace of his Christian faith. After his highly-divisive allegiance with President Donald Trump handed him an alienated fan base and scores of new alt-right supporters, West tamped down his political persona significantly in 2019. In its place came a weekly Christian gathering known as the Sunday Service.

Although Kanye has never shied away from bringing religion into his art, Sunday Service is a new dawn. The rapper probably handcrafted Sunday Service as a religion for the social media age.

He originally slated September 27 for the release of the ‘Jesus Is King” album. West previewed it with three listening events in three cities that weekend. But he apparently decided it wasn’t ready and suspended the release.

The movie version

Companion IMAX Film has scheduled the release of the movie version of ‘Jesus Is King” on Oct. 25 as well, according to an announcement from the company last month.

Filmed in the summer of 2019, ‘Jesus Is King’ brings Kanye West’s famed Sunday Service to life in the Roden Crater.

West showed excerpts from the film during “Jesus Is King” listening parties in Detroit, Chicago and New York; the rapper has since held one in Washington, DC.

He made a surprise appearance at Chance the Rapper’s United Center concert in Chicago. He performed “All We Got” with the rapper. During most of the events, he spoke of his recent deep embrace of Christianity.

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