If you Insult my kids I will Go Naked And Fight Dirty – Actress Kemi Afolabi

Kemi Afolabi is angry

Popular yoruba actress Kemi Afolabi is angry at social media users for trolling her daughter. The actress however threatens anyone who comes for her daughter.

The incident started when the nollywood actress wore a winter coat for her daughter under the scorching sun. An Instagram user however, responds that how can Kemi’s daughter wear a winter jacket in Nigeria.

Meaning that the weather in Nigeria is too hot for such dressing, see the outfit below:

The actress however caught fire and lambasted the fan who trolls her daughter. Warning the fan not to try it with her daughter, because she won’t take it lightly.

see the conversation below:

Obviously, there was and event at her daughter’s school which requires a costume. Kemi Afolabi’s daughter had to wear a winter costume just to perform at the event, it is not an everyday dressing.

Furthermore, the nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi, is angry as she threatens to go naked and fight dirty with whoever insults her child. She says anybody can insult her personally but nobody should try it with her daughter, because she will track and deal with such person.

See her comment:

Interesting isn’t it?, will Kemi really go naked?. Anyways any mother could have gotten angry over it. But do you think she is taking it to far?

Nonetheless, Kemi Afolabi added that, just because she is an actress doesn’t mean she should be quiet on some insults. She is practically tired of people’s gossips. Can’t she live a normal life with fans minding their business.

Since she signed to be an actress she should be ready for trolls and shades from fans. It is normal for any celebrity to get negative comments. Everything can’t always be rosy. Not everyone will like you as a person.

But after series of plea trying to calm the actress down, she seems to be really pained. She went ahead to do a video, pouring out her emotions, insulting and warning fans sternly not to ever mention her daughter in a negative way.

See the video:

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