Soap Is Scarce In Prison – Kemi Olunloyo Reveals That Male Inmates Masturbate With Soap And Sell It Out To Female Prisoners

Kemi Olunloyo shares prison experience.

Popular Nigeria journalist and blogger Kemi Olunloyo shares prison experience. She narrates that soap is scarce in prison. A fifty naira bar of soap is a hundred naira in prison.

It is not new that Olukemi Olunloyo is an ex-convict. That is she has spent few months as a prisoner. She furtherly states that she has spent 6 months in Port Harcourt prison.

Meanwhile, the male inmates cut open their soap in the middle and sell the middle part to them for #50. They do this so that they can have money to feed.

After cutting the soap and selling the middle parts the male inmates sticks their penis in the middle. They do this while showering in other to masturbate.

This revelation by Kemi Olunloyo explains the meaning of Naira Marley’s soapy. Since only people with prison experience can know about this act.

Do not forget that naira marley spent quite a number of days at EFCC’s custody before he was bailed. He certainly has experience of how male inmates reduce the urge to have sex.

Immediately after his release he says prisoners at the ‘kirikiri’ prison dances to soapy. Now kemi Olunloyo attest to it, that male prisoners don’t get to meet the female one’s. The only option they are left with is to masturbate using the soap.

Noticeably, the investigative reporter has deleted the post on her Instagram handle. But why? Kemi Olunloyo is not one who shy away from the truth. You can not threaten her easily. Neither is she afraid of anyone.

She speaks regardless of the consequences. One of the consequences she has suffered is going to prison as a result of her profession as a journalist. She says students studying mass communication have no future practicing in Nigeria.

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