Kemi Olunloyo thinks Kiki Mordi’s life is at risk for exposing a Unilag lecturer in sex for grade documentary

Popular blogger, Kemi Olunloyo has lambasted BBC reporter, Kiki Mordi for revealing her identity in the BBC Eagle Eye sex for grade documentary.

Olunloyo also lamented that the BBC should have placed their camera on the face of the real victims and not the presenter by putting her life at risk.

Because of her profession as a controversial investigative journalist, some social media users came hard on her. This is coming after the BBC released a 57-minute detailed documentary on the issue.

She, therefore, reacted by telling the users not to compare her with Kiki, adding that she won’t allow her work to be pulled down.

“Pls do NOT compare me to #KikiMordi the Journalist in the #Unilag #sexforgrades scandal on #BBCAfricaEye. I have read all ur tweets degrading and pulling down my work. I will only state the facts.
@BBCAfrica has asked me to help or promote undercover investigations many times.

“Kikimordi is a radio presenter turned #BBCAfricaneye #ColdRoom Investigative Journo. I have 25yrs of experience, 15 awards in my career and spent 37 yrs outside Nigeria when most of you weren’t born,” she said in one of her tweets.

Speaking on her works as an investigative journalist while citing an example of an investigation she started in April 2018 with OAU lecturer Richard Akindele, Olunloyo also admitted she has no budget like BBC that can afford undercover reporters.

She also wondered why the organization will reveal her face in a country like Nigeria where there has been a security challenge.

“Sexforgrades #kikimordi says she’s getting THREATS. Will #BBCAfricaneye protect her in a lawless country full of criminals, assassins. BBC Africa
ENDANGERED her. U never reveal the Journalist’s name,” she wrote again.

Kemi Olunloyo said Kiki Mordi is not a hero

Controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo said in a tweet that, Kiki’s work is sensational; therefore, she is not a hero.

Kiki Mordi is the brain behind the sex for grades investigation

“Sexforgrades by #kikimordi amounts to nothing but sensationalism. I don’t like her, she’s not a hero. She’s blocked me for years as a radio person who doesn’t respect her elders in the media industry. Her work with #BBCAfricaneye amounted to ENTRAPMENT and BAITING.”

The controversial journalist also said the story is coming too late after she had put OAU’s Akindele in prison for two years.

“BBCAfrica never revealed who went undercover to bust Siasa who got banned for life by @FIFAWorldCup. They didn’t learn after the MURDER of our colleague Ahmed Divela in January 2019

“Ahmed Divela was killed after getting threats. Shot dead in Ghana in front of his brother’s house by assassins who saw a government official expose his face in a picture on TV after a #BBCAfricaneye football and judiciary undercover. #sexforgrades exposed mediocrity for CLOUT

“@BBCAfrica rushed this investigation. Too much baiting and a Journalist in danger in a lawless country. A Journalist’s name is never exposed in an undercover sting. #KikiMordi simply wanted clout for her career.

“SA politician asked me if #KikiMordi was the student who exposed UNILAG. I told him it’s the #BBCAfricaneye journalist. The same people praising her are the ones who will post #RIP online if she’s killed. Kiki stop basking in clout Fame. Protect yourself,’ she added.

Olunloyo: Kiki is arrogant

While claiming that there are threats to Kiki’s life, Olunloyo hopes she will be safe in the country. She also said that the reporter is arrogant.

“Kiki, I’m not crying. I hope ur parents won’t be crying if Nigerian assassins kill U! Respect Investigative Journalism. Hopefully, BBC Africa will protect you as they failed Ahmed. We didn’t need to know your name or see your face. Threats are real in Nigeria. Google Dele Giwa.

“@BBCAfrica didn’t protect her identity as she went undercover in a sting on #sexforgrades. It was completely unprofessional. An undercover Journalist must NEVER be revealed after the job is done. The Journalists that did Siasa and Codeine/Tramadol were never revealed. Huge danger

“She is arrogant and full of ignorance. @kikimordi leave Nigerian soil and don’t try to be a hero in the name of investigative Journalism for a BIG media outlet. BBC had an Exodus in 2014. Most Journalists told me they were “gagged”. #sexforgrades suspect in Ghana already boasting,’ she added.

Meanwhile, Nigeriantunes as at the time of filing this report is yet to confirm any threat to the life of Kiki as claimed by Olunloye.

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