Khafi Kareem, a British UK MET police officer may get fired for having sex on BBNaija show.

Khafi Kareem, MET officer in UK uniform.

A British/Nigerian contestant on the BBNaija show is in hot water for making a terrible decision on the big Brother Nigeria reality show.  Her job is investigating her unguided decision and failure to inform her job that she is participating in a reality show.  

PC Kareem Khafi is 29 years old officer, she works for the metropolitan police department in the United Kingdom before partaking in the BBNaija.   She asked for unpaid leave and her job approved it, but she was cautioned to not partake in the Big Brother Nigeria reality shows, says someone familiar to the case.

However, she joined the show against her job’s advice. She met Ekpata Gedoni, 31 on the show, they started their casual relationship really fast and it leads to sex multiple times.

Officer Khafi Kareem and Ekpata Gedoni

Ekpata Gedoni and Khafi Kareem were caught having sex 3 times within a short period of time and the show host may send her home if she gets pregnant on the show.  They had sex on July 20, July  23 and one other time.

A Met (Metropolitan police) told the Sun: “There should be no way back for her from this and her superiors will have to act. She fitted the mould perfectly for how the modern force wants to portray itself but seems to have got a bit too big for her boots. It’s hard to see how can she argue that she hasn’t brought the force into disrepute”.

Another officer added, “The Met does not support the officer’s appearance nor does she represent the Met whilst appearing on the show. All officers have a duty to behave with professionalism and in a manner that does not bring the Met into disrepute whether on or off duty. Those who do not behave professionally risk breaching police standards of professional behaviour, and may be dealt with by way of misconduct proceedings.

Khafi is facing possible misconduct charge and she may be fired from her good-paying job.

Officer Khaffi makes out with sex partner on the BBNAIJA show.

You can watch the video of Khafi and her boo on our Instagram page. Use the link above.

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