Khedira Sami Juventus star facing early retirement due to heart disease

Doctors advised Sami Khedira to take time off from soccer 

The team left Sami behind as he faces more tests that will determine his treatment plans

Doctors diagnosed Sami Khedira with atrial arrhythmia 

Juventus doctors detected abnormal heart test result during routine check up and they advised the German star to take time off for further tests.  They believed that he has irregular heart beat.

His team is also worried about him, because they don’t know what the diagnose means to his future with the club.  They left him behind while the team traveled to Spain for the Round 16 of the Champions league match against Athletico Madrid. 

According to doctors, Atrial Arrhythmia is a serious condition.  It can lead to stroke, Clotting of the blood, heart failure and other dangerous heart complications.   

Khedira, 31 years old has a little over 2 years left on his contract. His contract expires in 2021.

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