Khloe Kardashian boyfriend Tristan Thompson caught cheating again

One of the Kardashian sister, Khloe is having a rough month y’all. Few weeks ago, she caught her best friend Jordyn Woods creeping with her baby daddy Tristan Thomson.  Tristan has been messaging Jordyn and inviting her out in several occasions without Khloe’s knowledge.  What upsets Khloe the most was that Jordyn honored Tristan’s approach.

Khloe was upset when she found out and she un-friended Jordyn and they kicked her out.  And now paparazzi caught Tristan with another mystery lady in a hotel in New York.  

The lady was waiting at the hotel for Tristan while he made a coffee run. He returned to the hotel and left with the lady and a friend.  It was all caught on camera. 

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