Khloe of BBNaija got angry because of people’s reaction to her unclad pictures

She dropped a half-naked pictures and a lot of people don’t like it. Many thought she was trying too hard and some said she isn’t beautiful. Khloe disagrees with her haters and she fired back at them with the post below.

Anyone who sends me msg or call me about some stupid ass blogs or their low life’s followers talking about ME “I mean ME “ is obviously enemy of progress and I ll block you and that’s the end . Ok 
For me to block some blogs and unfollow some, I’m not stupid. I just can’t stand negative vibes at this blissful point of my life . 
I’m so happy with myself right now and don’t need you sad souls to update me with yah all negativities . 
P E R I O D T ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾
Choke on this pics fella 👌”

She threatens to block haters on her IG post and added that she will insult anyone that calls her to offer advice or guidance to how she should live her life. Khloe was a former cast of BBNaija show that ended last year, she slim, she is beautiful and she loves to show her body.

However, some people think she isn’t pretty enough. Check out the pictures that she released that got people talking bad about her.

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