Kizz Daniels accused of collecting money and refused to perform in Canada

Kizz Daniel is on USA/Canada tour and he is currently having issues with fans and some promoters and it’s not looking good.

One of the promoters for Kizzdaniel’s Montreal show came on stage and told the fans that Kizz Daniel refused to come out to perform.

We have been waiting and Kizz Daniel doesn’t really want to be on stage. So he is in the back but we can’t explain why. He is been here for hours and he can’t come on stage. What I can guarantee is that any ticket you bought from any place will be reimbursed. And you will be told of real fact of why the show didn’t happen. I want you to know that he here but he is not coming on stage”, a man said to the awaiting fans in the congregation.

The promoter indirectly said Kizz Refused to come on stage to perform but Kizz Daniel’s camp came to debunk the claim. One of Kizz Daniel’s entourage released a video saying that they were at the show ready to perform but the promoter did not pay their money. Kizz Daniel spokesperson also said that the promoter didn’t pay for the venue either.

” They didn’t pay Kizz Daniel to perform, they didn’t pay for the venue and they didn’t pay for our hotel.

Watch the video below to get more information about the issue.

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