Kizz Daniel’s girlfriend Chidinma Ekile was seen getting too comfortable with Flavour

Chidinma was in the studio with Flavour and she looked very comfortable and interested in him. She’s dated or messed around with Flavour in the past and their relationship is looking very cozy again.

She is or was dating Kizz Daniel but everyone knows that Kizz Daniel is probably too young to settle down. Chidinma is 27 years old, she will turn 28 this year and she doesn’t have time to waste.

Kiss Daniel is just 24 years old and has lots of time to get himself together in terms of relationship or possible marriage.

Although, Chidinma was just in the studio to make music with Flavour, she may have a thing for Flavour. It was late night and who knows if there was another goodbye kiss between both of them!

They have shared many public kisses on stage before and thing may be deeper behind closed doors.

Chidinma and Flavour
Flash back to when Chidinma and Flavour kissed on stage after performance.

The also kissed in a music video.

Kizz Daniel may lose his girlfriend or maybe Chidinma is a player and she is dating both Kizz Daniel and Flavour at the same time.

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