Kizz Daniels Trills fans overseas

Kizz Daniels is on a tour in the United States of America and he is having a time of his career. The fans came out for him and the ladies gave him a good time on stage with lap dances and word for word sing-alongs. ‘

A fan came on stage to give him a lap dance while he was performing in New York.
His Houston concert was a success. The fans came out for him.

This is his first time touring the United States and his ticket sales are souring. His next concert is

Kizz Daniels NBS Concert dates

  • July 12th- NKC, OAKLAND 🇺🇸📌 #NBSCT
  • July 13th, CATCH ONE, LOS ANGELES 🇺🇸📌 #NBSCT
  • July 21st- THALIA HALL, CHICAGO 📌🇺🇸 #NBSCT 
  • July 27th, COVE 51 – OHIO 📌🇺🇸#NBSCT
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