Kokobykhloe “ happy my *ss is growing … God doesn’t want us to wear clothes”

Former BB Naija cast member Khloe AKA Kokobykhloe posted a bikini picture and she warned internet trolls that usually attack her for showing her body. She called them stupid people who wears big covering clothes to the beach (Agbada).

  • “Life is good 
    Skin glowing 
    Edges back 
    Food on table always 
    Ass growing 
    Lord I thank you for this gyal koko.

    I know some fo*ls will come here with their hypocritical behavior to say I’m showing off MY OWN BODY cos they are dumb enough to wear Agbada to the beach, and people that made beach wears are stupid. 
    Befor you come here and preach .. ask your self 
    1. Is it my page ? 
    2. Am I paying her bills?
    3. Is it my business ? 
    4. If I comment now will it add to my account?
    5. Am I just a sad , bitter person After answering all those questions , you are free to air your opinion and watch me curse your family ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾 “ – Khloe BB Naija

Khloe added more strong words for hater, she wrote “ Your international actors/role models shoot movies scenes naked, all out and call them favorites. Adam and eve was naked, God doesn’t have intention of clothes if not for Adam and Eve sins. Clothes is our punishment for sins. So cut the crap”. Khloe likes to show her skin but she get body shamed always by Internet trolls. She is clearly tired of being abused and insulted by people who don’t know her.

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