Graphic: Lady Dies as a Truck and Tricycle Clashes in Eastern Nigeria.

A lady was crushed to death as a heavy loaded truck and a tricycle collides in broad daylight.

The scene was gruesome as the lifeless commuter lay on the ground with her body dismembered. Also, the victim has been identified as Miss Blessing, she is from Ebonyi State. According to people familiar with the case, Blessing was crushed to death in a ghastly motor collision between a truck and a tricycle in Anambra State while she was going about her business.

This unfortunate incident happened along Oba Owerri Express Road opposite Rojenny village In Anambra State, Eastern Nigeria.

When asked what could have gone wrong, an eyewitness stated that the accident was as a result of reckless driving by the truck driver and the Keke driver. Another report revealed that the Tricycle driver was trying to avoid paying the normal motorway daily dues to the NURTW members, as a result, he collided with the truck with a woman in the middle. The lady was pronounced dead at the accident scene.

We warn against Image sensitivity.

Our prayers are with the Family of Miss Blessing.

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