Lady took her own life after losing 2 children in the Ita-Faji Lagos building tragedy

Nigeriatunes reported few days ago that a 3-story building that housed a primary school located in Ita-Faji, Lagos Island collapsed. The building collapsed killing some people and many feared severely injured.   The building is being used by multiple businesses and the primary school is on the lower floor.  It went down at around 10 am. The tragedy led to a woman losing two children between ages four and six. The woman had her children through Caesarean section (C section), says a person close to her. 

The lady and her husband live in Gambari, Lagos Island. She went out to buy Sniper insecticide and she drank it. She took it and killed herself instantly says people that live near the lady.  Sniper Insecticides is the number one common suicide poison in Nigeria. 

“Nobody knew what she wanted to do with the Sniper. But a few minutes later, we saw the bottle beside her where she was sleeping and we found out that she was already dead,” – Neighbor  

She left behind her husband and families. 

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