Lagos Anti Drug force burns narcotic drugs worth millions of dollars that were seized from smugglers

Street drug abuse epidemic is growing among Nigerian youths and adult.  Indian Hemp, Tramadol, Cocaine, Synthetic marijuana, diazepam and other drugs floods the streets in Nigeria, especially Lagos and Abuja. 

Lots of universities are considering mandatory drug test for student in other do weed out drugs on campuses. 

The Lagos state commander of RRS, Tunji Disu and his team has decided to step up the fight against drugs by targeting the drug dealers and smugglers. They are tracking down drug lords and seizing huge amount of drugs from the border and from the street daily.  

According to him, ‘after obtaining necessary court orders, the police just burnt this mountain of Indian hemp, Tramadol, cocaine, mamba (synthetic marijuana), codeine, Diazepam, Mandrax etc. street value worth millions of naira. There is a strong link between drugs and crimes’.

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