Laura Ikeji shares her engagement throwback picture

Laura Ikeji got engaged to Kanu Nwankwo’s younger brother Christopher Ogbonna Kanu in 2017. They are now married with one child, a boy. Her husband was previously married to another lady in London and he has multiple children by another baby mama.

Laura is keen on hold on to her husband tightly, she love to show him off, she loves to remind the world that her husband loves her and she loves him. She loves everything about him and she doesn’t care that he has other kids with other woman. She loves her stepchildren like she loves her own child. 

Today, Laura shared a picture showing when her husband Ogbonna Kanu purposed to her.

“I remember so vividly. Love u babe, love u even more now. @ogbobekee1 “ Laura Ikeji. Laura and Christopher Kanu married on January 19, 2019, in Lagos, Nigeria. They had a court wedding. She gave birth to their son Ryan Kanu 7 months after their marriage. 

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