Lavish competition between Hushpuppi and Mompha … Bentley story ..

Hushpuppi is a known big spender before Mompha got started, but Mompha is putting the heat on Hushpuppi lately. He called him a broke church Rat in the past but Hushpuppi has kept to himself a little bit.

Today, Hushpuppi bought himself a  a new Bentley Bentayga for Valentines day. A New Bentley Bentayga can cost more than $200 k dollars.

Mompha heard that Hushpuppi bought a Bentley and he too went out and bought his own. Today.

Mompha bought a White new Bentley Bentayga for Valentines and wrote “ Just Copped Bentley Bentayga Brand New 💰💰💰 Wow Bobo New School Ride 🙏🏿 No one can outshine the money Man!!! Let the Race Begin” 

Bobo is his son, and he said the car is to take his song to school…