Linda Ikeji and her son Jayce heads to South Africa to secure the bag

Linda heads overseas for the first time since returning to Nigeria after giving birth to her song Jayce in Atlanta.    Linda is a single mom, she lives in Banana Island with her son and she is a busy woman. She iscal on a business trip and since her song is still breastfeeding she decided to bring him along on the trip.  

Jayce was cute as usually, his mama shared his picture on the seat of the airplane. 

“Hello South Africa. Been a minute! See who came to say hello”. – Linda Ikeji wrote beneath he new photo she posted on IG. 

“‘m in Durban, South Africa for the Forbes Woman Africa Leading Women Summit and to also sign a production deal for LITV. I am so excited about the future of LITV. For those of you who have never visited, not to worry, one day, you will be obsessed with the platform. Just watch! 😁
Meanwhile I’m one of the speakers at the Forbes Woman Africa Leading Women Summit and I am a nervous wreck. Lol. Over the years I’ve been invited to speak across the globe on women in business in Africa, entrepreneurship, blogging and its phenomenon in Africa, women in media in Africa etc, but I never attended. Mostly because the thought of standing or sitting in front of an audience to speak is nerve wrecking for me. I’d rather avoid it. Lol. And secondly, I hate flying. You better pray you dont sit next to me on a plane…lol. But since Jayce came into my life, I’ve been feeling different. Now I want to travel the world because of him to open his mind to all the possibilities. I want to show him the world, one country at a time. ❤. So I’m going to be doing more of these speaking engagements going forward.. among other things. Life is great! Hope you’re living your dreams too. 😘😘 “ – Linda Ikeji

We suspected that she’s on a business deal. She revealed that she went to South Africa for two things. 

  1. To sign a distribution contract for her Online streaming and TV network LITV in South Africa. 
  2.  To attend Forbes Woman Africa Leading Women Summit.

Linda is taking care of business and she we will continue to bring you up to date story about her and her business. 

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