Linda Ikeji on Private Jet With Her Dad as ‘Papa Chop Life’

Linda Ikeji and her father all smile on a private jet for the first time

It is usually a joyful moment whenever a parent enjoys the fruit of his labour. Investing in one’s child is a good decision that carries its unique benefits.

Such was the case of top Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji who enjoyed a nice trip with her father on a private jet. Linda who was on her way to Abuja to speak at the Nile University had a nice time with her father on the jet.

They would forever savor the moment in which both of them were enjoying such privilege for the first time. They were all smile in the pictures as they enjoy their meals amidst the trip.

Papa indeed chop life as Linda stated in her Instagram post.

“Awww…my dad’s first time flying in a private jet. See the way he’s smiling. Lol. Ok, ok…whatever! It’s also my first time..😭😭😅 #choppinglifepapa. Hehe (swipe),” she wrote.

Being the father of a pioneer of the blogging business is not a mere feat as they both enjoyed the first-class treatment.

Papa ‘chop life’ with drinks and food on a private jet

Papa will forever be happy to be given such treatment by his daughter. Reactions that followed the post have been prayers from her fans for parents to enjoy their labour. Linda da’s prayer is already answered obviously from the pictures.

Pioneer of blogging

Lind Ikeji is no doubt a household name in blogging where she has made her mark. She succeeded in mastering the art of blogging to get her readers engaged year after year.

Linda shares the moment with dad

Her website, LindaIkejiBlog has been a cash cow for many year and counting.

Although she later ventured into other businesses. Blogging remains her most profitable business ever.

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