Linda Ikeji shares her backside in new photo

Linda is becoming more of her sister Laura lately. Her sister Laura was the one who always snap random picture for social media. She would dance on Instagram, use silly caption and just have fun without caring what people things.

Linda Ikeji has adapted the same style since she broke up her engagement with the father of her son. She having more fun, posting more and sharing her day to day with her follower on social media.

“Laura is now begging for this denim jumpsuit. After she will say she dresses better than me and I’m learning. Who is the teacher now? 😂😂😂. By the way  “ – Linda Ikeji

“Whatever happens, happens! Don’t stress! Stay happy! It’s just one life! 💃🥰 “ – She added

Linda is currently in South Africa for a business summit, she is loving her life and making her money as usually.

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