Linda Ikeji Shares Secrets of Her Success

Linda Ikeji

Nigerian famous blogger and entrepreneur, Linda Ifeoma Ikeji took to her Instagram page today to share a lengthy writeup of how she has managed to remain relevant in her chosen field of endeavour.

Linda Ikeji is best known for her blog which she ventured into in 2006. From August 2016, the 39 years old blogger ventured into other online businesses like an online TV network, online radio broadcasting, and an online music platform.

She also has a social networking platform named Linda Ikeji Social and runs a non-profit project for young women. In 2016, she opened her multi-million naira mansion in Lagos which also serves as her Media Office.

Most searched woman in Nigeria

In her Instagram post today, she said she is the most searched female personality in Nigeria in the last 10 years. She noted that she is the only Nigerian woman in Google’s top 10 list of most searched people.

“One of the most common questions people ask me when I go speak with them is how I’ve managed to stay relevant after so many years. You have to understand that I came online in 2006 and 13 years later, we are still here, still thriving. Still relevant”, she said.

Some of the things that have kept her relevant, according to her, are her ability to evolve, to reinvent herself and to keep educating herself. She said she is always open to jumping on new trends.

While saying that she is getting more interested in opening up and sharing the truth about herself, she said for one to continue to gain attention, one has to constantly innovate and be creative.

“To be a one-hit-wonder is easy. Staying relevant through the years is hard. To continue to get attention, you have to constantly innovate and be creative… and remember to do today’s job with today’s method! Move with the tide!”

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