Linda Ikeji’s Baby Daddy Sholaye Jeremy Buys 2020 Jaguar For His Mother

Linda Ikeji's baby Daddy

Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremy has made headlines again after he bought his mum a 2020 Jaguar for her birthday. The billionaire who has been silent since Linda Ikeji gave birth to their son, Jayce Jeremi, gifted his mum the expensive car in Sapale, Delta State.

The car is valued at about N20 Million.

Not much is known about Sholaye Jeremy as he is not one for the limelight. However, we know that Mr Jeremy is a successful oil magnate based in Lagos. With his very calm appearance, he is said to be at the helm of most oil transactions in his state, Delta state, and very friends with all the top oil tycoons in the industry.

Although he is rumoured to have a wife and children based outside the country, nothing can be confirmed. Sholaye became a popular name in the country after a famous Nigerian blogger; Linda Ikeji revealed that he was responsible for her pregnancy in 2018.

Sholaye till now did not release any statement to accept Linda Ikeji’s claim, but he also didn’t say anything to refute the claim too. Linda even named her son, Jayce Jeremi, go figure.

Watch the moment Sholaye gifted the car to his mum below:

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