Little girl sent home from school for not paying school fee vows to deal with her school

This is the funniest clip of a schoolgirl that you would come across so far this year. This little girl was sent home from school and one Aunty interviewed her and she has lots to say. 

Here is how the exchange goes, the conversation was in pidgin but we interrupted it to normal English..

Aunty : Why are not in school, you didn’t pay though,

Little girl : yes I didn’t pay but I didn’t say that I won’t pay. But they chased me out of school rather than just beat me and let me stay.

Aunty : But is it better if hey flog you or send you home to your mom

Little girl : they should flog me, they will get tired of flogging me and the cane will break. They think they are stubborn ? I will show them that I am more stubborn than they are. … ( as she walked away ).

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