LOL: Dogs Have Been Biting Men, Finally, a Child Bites a Dog [Video]

In journalism school, the lecturers always say when a dog bites a man, it is not news but when a man bites a dog, it is news. Little did they know that a time shall come when a child will bite a puppy.

Well, the time came and luckily for us, it was televised. A little girl turned her fear to brevity, grabbed a puppy and gave it a deep bite which left the puppy barking for help.

A viral video Nigeriatunes shared via our Instagram account showed the child resting on a spot trying to prevent the puppy from biting her. She was crying with fear using her right hand to block the attempts the puppy was making to get to her.

As the puppy continued to make advances from all angles, the girl got tired. She moved from being defensive to being offensive. And as they say, “the best form of defence is an attack”, the girl grabbed the dog by the jaw and bit it on its upper lip.

She continued a couple of seconds more while the dog continued to bark profusely. The brave girl didn’t stop until she was sure that she has taught the puppy a lesson of a lifetime.

Immediately she released the puppy, it took off barking in pain towards the direction of the person who was firming the hilarious incident.

The girl stood up and tried to remove the particles that got stocked in her milk teeth which she got from the puppy’s body. Afterwards, she went back to the point she was before the puppy came to trouble her.

Watch the hilarious clip here:

Please, when you see the person that filmed this, ask the person where his or her heart was!

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