Lolu “ I was never in love with Anto “

Big brother reunion show raised many eyebrows when Lolu revealed that he was only playing Anto. “ I was never in love Anto” – he said on the Big Brother reunion show.

Lolu and Anto’s relationship on the Big Brother Naija show was complicated and things are now even more creepy since Lolu turned Anto into a side chick fling on national television during the big brother Naija reunion recast. They had a fling during the Big Brother show and Anto thought Lolu was interested in a real relationship. They hooked up few times but Lolu shows lack of interest after the show ended. 

“I think it takes a lot to have a relationship. There are a lot of other ingredients besides liking the other person, because it takes a lot more than what we had.” – Anto .

When asked about her their relationship outside the show, Anto said Lolu wasn’t interested in a relationship and Lolu confirmed it and said he was never into Anto like that. Watch the video above on Nigeriatunes twitter page. 

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