Look At What DJ Cuppy Had To Do On Stage For Pepsi to Renew Her Contract [Video]

DJ Cuppy

One thing about show business anywhere in the world is that it is difficult to get to the top but it is more difficult to remain there. Nigerian famous female Disk Jockey (DJ) Cuppy knows this theory and she has been using it almost perfectly.

She has found a way to cement her place in the industry. The DJ’s background as a young lady from a billionaire’s family has never limited her drive to be as “street” as possible.

Her recent performance at the Livespot X Festival further defined her seriousness for the business. She took her contract with PEPSI to a whole new level as she wore underwear designed with PEPSI logo.

As she was carrying out her performance, she shook her butt to rhyme with the talking drum; and at the end of the dance, she lifted up her gown to display her PEPSI customized underwear.

The billionaire daughter took to Instagram to share the video; she used it to urge PEPSI to renew her contract. “Pepsi better renews my contract after my epic stage moment”, she said.

It was really an epic moment and a testament to how far the 27 years old DJ is ready to go to ensure that she remains a household name when it comes to Disk Jocking in Nigeria.

We will surely see more crazy stuff from her as she has a series of shows lined up this December.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video here:

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