Male actors are also sex victims for movie roles – Olusola Michael

While many people have concluded that female actors are the only sex victims when it comes to getting major movie roles from a male producer. The belief is that the entertainment industry is a hostile community to upcoming female artistes, they become sex prey from producers who are sex maniacs.

For years, that has been the belief flying round. However, a Nollywood star and producer, Olusola Michael has explained that contrary to people’s belief, male actors are also sex victims for movie roles from female producers.

Olusola revealed this during a chat with Sunday Tribune. He disclosed that most actors have been hiding the abuses they’ve been subjected to by female producers.

In his words, the moviemaker explained that this might be hard for people to believe. The silver lining over time has always been that it is only the female actors that are vulnerable to sex pressure from mal Producers all in a bid to get movie roles. However, people hardly believe that male actors also face sexual harassment from female producers who are sex maniacs like their male counterparts.

He added that the majority of the new breeds of female actors are so ambitious of getting famous in the industry. And they would do anything to get hookups for major movie roles.

Imagine that as a male actor, you are getting sex pressure from a female producer just to get a movie role. How would you feel? Or have you ever experienced something of such? Maybe from a superior boss who happens to the female gender. Have you ever had to compromise your sexual integrity to save your job?

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