Man Who Pretends As Supporters Stab Pro-Beijing Lawmaker, Junius Ho During Campaign

The Protest Movement is against Ho

A pro-Beijing lawmaker, Junius Ho was on Wednesday stabbed in the chest in Hong Kong. He was stabbed while campaigning for a local election by a man pretending to be a supporter.

The local poll will be held this month. A viral video showed the man approached the lawmaker with flowers before reaching into a bag. He carried out the act when requesting to take a picture. The man dipped his hand into his bag and lunged at Ho with a knife.

The wounded lawmaker and others then wrestle him to the ground before he was arrested.

The incident is the latest happening in a series of attacks on people on either side of the Hong Kong protests.

It could be recalled that pro-democracy protesters accused Ho in July of helping to organise attacks on civilians in Yuen Long station.

Masked men dressed in white shirts – suspected to be triad gangsters – in their dozens assaulted pro-democracy protesters and passers-by.

Reacting to the incident, Ho said the attackers were “defending their home and people”, but denied any involvement. He was sighted shaking hands with the attackers and giving them the thumbs-up. He has been disliked by the protest movement. About 45 protesters got injured in the attack.

How it happened

The man was quoted to have lauded the lawmaker saying “everyone has seen your efforts”, before handing over the flowers to Ho.

He then said “let me take my mobile out” before reaching into his bag and stabbing Mr Ho. According to reports, two other people were also injured while the lawmaker was taken into an ambulance.

Reacting to the incident, the Police confirm the arrest, adding that all three victims were conscious.

Junius Ho reacts

Ho later in a statement said “black forces” were targeting pro-establishment candidates.

The lawmaker who said he will remain resilient and courageous has become one of the most loathed establishment’s figures among democracy protesters. Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam and police chief, Stephen Lo are also hated as well.

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