Many killed and properties burned after a Tanker fell in Ibadan

A speeding Tanker filled with Petrol lost control on an uneven road and it rolled over causing multiple casualties. The Tanker fell along Sawmill road, along Old Ife, in Ibadan. It instantly caught fire and it engulfed the nearby people and their properties.

Number of confirmed casualties

  • 2 people are confirmed they
  • Multiple cars burnt to ashes
  • 6 Vehicles and 3 motorcycle
  • Houses and stores

According to New report, 2 people were burned beyond recognition but one of the victims is a woman.  

The tanker fell and caught fire at Onipepeye area in Ibadan.  The truck had about 33 thousand liters of Petrol in it before it busted into flames after falling, sending fireballs all over.  The fire department did not arrive at the location on time. As a result, many properties were lost.

The properties owners were upset and some were crying. “It was the spilled fuel from the fallen tanker at the main road that caught fire from one pit under the Onipepeye bridge, and before we could say anything, we heard a big explosion,” said a witness at the scene.

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