Mayorkun and Dremo performed an hilarious social experiment with money (Video)

Nigeria ace singers, Mayorkun and Dremo shared a hilarious video from the social experiment they performed on the street of Lagos with money.

In the video released online, the star singers were filmed in a car with tinted glasses which will hinder anyone outside from seeing what’s inside. They held some cash and secretly throw it on the floor then shut the door of the car.

It is a social experiment to see how people react to money even in public places, not minding whether they are been seen or not.

See video below:

The first person seems to have passed and didn’t pick them money. He didn’t pick the money because he didn’t see it. However, the second person was fortunate to see the money on the floor. Without hesitation, he picked all the money on the floor without a second thought. He even looked around to see there is more money on the floor for him to pick.

Funny as the video seems, it actually portrays the daily occurrence that unfold in our society. Money is the only element that is capable of making any man lose his senses and regain it. Hardly will one find any man that will say no to money.

No man as ever had enough money, no matter how rich they are. Maybe we should ask the current richest man on earth, Bill Gates, if he doesn’t still work to acquire more money. Humans are in satiable when it comes to money matter, they will always want to get more of it.

Similarly, the man who picked the money in the video didn’t pick it because he had no money on him. He picked it because of the great influence that money have on man.

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