MC Galaxy asked girls to get naked on IG live for 50 K and she got naked

MC Galaxy started a giveaway on IG live and his requirement was that any girl that can get naked on his IG live would win 50,000 Naira.  Surely someone took hip up on the challenge and she shows it all out for everyone to see. 

He is in hot water for doing something that no one would expect him to do. He was honey, so he asked girls to join him on Instagram live and he asked them to get naked for 50,000 Naira. 

A girl took her clothes off and she inserts her finger into her Vagina on his IG live, She showed her booty. Everyone on MC Galaxy’s IG live was able to see her naked. 

He called it a Freaky Friday with MC Galaxy Every Friday, 10pm Nigeria time. This means that MC Galaxy will continue to make women get naked on his Instagram story for money every Friday. 

A lot of people called him out for this, but some people laughed at it.  

The move caused mixed reactions. Check few of what fans said to MC Galaxy after his freaky Friday giveaway.

Click Here to watch

Click here to see photo from the IG live

He took the video down when some people called him out to condemn him for using his celebrity status and money to make some women do immoral things online.

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