MC Galaxy issues an appology for making girls go unclad and blames fans for the mishap

This is an ongoing issue from days ago. It started when MC Galaxy hosted a giveaway that he called ‘Freaky Friday giveaway’. He asked girls to come on IG live to get naked for 50 k Naira and some girls took it all off. 

She took off he underwear, she took off her top, showed her bare booty and breast at MC Galaxy’s request. The video went viral and people started to call out MC Galaxy. 

He remains silent through the ordeal until now. He’s issued an apology and said that he respect women.

“ At some point on the IG live, some lady called in without her clothes on. I actually dropped her off but the fans from the comment insisted I accept her request, so I did – MC Galaxy

He claimed that there was no price tag for anyone to go naked. “It was her someone else who offered her the money” – he added.

He deactivated his comments section on his Instagram page due to the backlash. He said that he respects women and he

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