Meek mill hangs out with billionaires

American football 🏈 final is today’s February 3, 2019. The event will be hosted in Atlanta, USA.

It’s a main event called the Super Bowl 🏟, many Americans artist and wealthy men are in town for it.

A lot of billionaires and millionaires always attend the American football 🏈 finals annually. Meek Mills is a famous American rapper, he made some songs with Davido, Wale and some other African rappers. The night before the super is usually for lots of fun and interactive events.

Meek Mill was also in town for the event and he attended one of the high profile events. As a result, he has the chance to meet some Billionaires and take a picture with them.

“meekmill Dream chasers … patriots … Amazon ….fanatics still going bad on em anyway🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Williams …Kraft…. bezos…Rubin ” – Meek Mill

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