Mercy Aigbe berated for showing cleavage

Mercy Aigbe March 2019.

Actress Mercy Aigbe didn’t hold back from showing the world that she’s sexy and that she knows it.  She wore a short trimmed black hair with a back professional jacket that didn’t cover her cleavage. Everything was out; according to her followers who berated her because they don’t like her showing her skin.

Part of both of her boobs was visible and her followers have something to say about her look. She wore a bra but it’s probably a pushup bra because everything is all out in your face.  She looks gorgeous though.  

“Goodnight Fam…. trust y’all had an amazing day? Love you, yes you 💋💋💋💋💋, “she wrote beneath her picture. And as expected, Internet trolls came charging at her. They offered her some dressing advices that she didn’t ask for. 

One Obaremzwrote,  “@realmercyaigbe you are beautiful human being whom I feel shouldn’t expose it all to get attention, that what a COSSY does. You are a woman of class, kindly try to keep it that way instead of looking runchy. “- A follower wrote on her page.  

Another person came to preach the gospel under her picture kiksoni4christbecame an Instagram pastors with this comment, “Jesus is coming soon, are you His ambassador, a good representative? On whose side are you? Are you chasing people out or bringing them in. I know I’m not a celebrity like you or probably I don’t know what’s in Vogue but the most important thing is that the majority of the fan you’re trying to impress for accolades will not naked themselves like this. Good night “

While other are busy hating and judging Mercy Aigbe, other people was admiring her boobs. Followermuhammad_teeekaywrote “ Nice boobs “ 

Another guy dominion_gas“I just like ur breast o” says anther follower. 

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