BBNaija Ike Drives Tacha Around After Unfollowing His Girlfriend Mercy On Instagram

What is really going on between big brother Naija ex housemates?. It seems Mercy and Ike have broken up, they unfollowed themselves on Instagram.

Recently Ike has been seen with Tacha, on her birthday 23rd of December Ike attended her party. It did not end there Ike also spend his Christmas with Tacha.

He shared a post of him driving Tacha around on Christmas days. Tacha was siting at the back and Ike in the front.

However, they were the only ones in the car and no one knows where they were heading to.

This angered Mercy’s fans and they insulted Ike the very minute he shared the post, of course he deleted it immediately. But before then it has already been saved.

See the post below:

Is Ike now dating Tacha after dumping Mercy?. But basically Tacha and Ike were friends during the show.

Just when everyone was thinking Mercy and Ike will end up together like Bam Bam and Teddy A, they just shocked everyone.

Certainly Tacha will be happy, and her Titans will diss Mercy. What could have really happened between Ike and Mercy?. The fight is so serious that they unfollowed themselves on Instagram.

See proof:

The couple always do practically everything together. They attend parties in company of each other, especially Christmas that they are supposed to spend the whole day together. Instead Ike choose to spend his Christmas with Tacha.

It is so sad, however, fans are looking forward to see them back together. That is if their differences is recognisable. Anyways this won’t be the first time they are having misunderstandings. During the show, Ike and Mercy fight on regular basis.

Furthermore, some fans are not surprise, they have been expecting this break up to happen. It’s not up to 3months since they left big brother’s house.

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