Mercy Lambo Takes Her Ciroc Game to Another Level… See What She Has in Stock for Her Mercenaries

The first female winner of the Big Brother Nigeria, Mercy Eke is taking her Ciroc game to another next level.

Surprisingly, Port Harcourt’s first daughter, Tacha, who has been involved in competition with Lambo, has not been talking about Ciroc again. Or is the Royal Hair deal that has taken Ciroc to the background?

After peppering the lovers of the number one reality TV show in Nigeria in the Big Brother house with their controversy which started with a body odour argument, leading to Tacha’s disqualification, the two are not going to stop soon on this social media fight.

Tacha is elated happy over the new deal she just signed as she is the new Royal Hair lady.

Is Mercy really tired of fame?

Meanwhile, could the comment made by Mercy during her live video calls to her fans reflect her present state of mind? Mercy was heard in the video saying she is getting tired of the fame and wanted her old life back. From this new development, it’s not looking that way.

The queen of highlights who took to her Instagram page announced to her ‘Mercenaries’; that she will be hosting them in Benin in an outing tagged Ciroc Circle Tour.

“Where are my Mercenaries at?😍Come enjoy Mercy Colada with me at the Ciroc Circle Tour at Club 79 Benin on Saturday the 30th of Nov.

Mercy Ciroc Colada bottles will be on sale for the first time ever!,” she wrote.

It would be interesting to see the turnout at the event slated for tomorrow. We will keep our fingers crossed.

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