Mercy’s New Endorsement Is A Reply To Tacha’s Tantrum (Images)

Mercy’s new endorsement is a reply to Tacha’s tantrum

Mercy Eke is now a brand ambassador to SIMS Nigeria, an official representative for Royal, Samsung, and Panasonic in Nigeria. Mercy’s new endorsement is a reply to Tacha’s tantrum.

Her Dubai trip is a blessing as she returns to bag the royal endorsement with the Premium Royal Electronics Brand. This is an addition to her existing ambassadorial deals. 

The Bbnaija season 4 winner, Mercy recently feel remorseful because of her rival Tacha and her fans. Saying Mercy claims that she bags an endorsement with Moet Chandon. Which happens to be fake.

Also, Tacha says that Mercy should be careful of moving close to the heater, so she won’t melt. Tacha warns her because of her belief that Mercy did plastic surgery. 

Thereafter, she receives a strategy of showing visual proof of her endorsement processes. Mercy Eke is not so easy to grab, she is, however, a sharp and bright lady.

Meanwhile, she didn’t say anything to the blows from her opponent. Instead, she returns with another endorsement with enough proof.

See the proofs below:


The first female winner of bbnaija, Mercy Eke threw a quiet jab at Tacha and her fans by saying. ”We are winners, tantrums is not our thing”. Definitely, Mercy throws that at her rivals who has been saying foul things about her. 

Mercy’s jab

Sequentially, Mercy understands that violent won’t solve any situation. Making noise will only make things worse. Since her opponent is fond of that, she uses her success as a weapon to strike back. 

The Queen has been quiet all these while and waiting for the right opportunity to get back. Here she is, in a grand style. Congratulations to the ’Queen of highlights’ as she is popularly called, on her new endorsement!

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