Mermaid In Unilag: Twitter Users React

Twitter users in Nigeria have reacted over a viral video purportedly showing a mermaid found in Fagunwa female hostel at University of Lagos (Unilag) on Tuesday night. Most of the users doubt the authenticity of the alleged Mermaid as it was not clearly seen in the video.

However, investigations show that the alleged mermaid is identified as Blessing who reportedly squat by one Miss Olamide in the said female hostel.

According to reports, the alleged mermaid, Olamide had a misunderstanding with Miss. Blessing over a missing wristwatch belonging to her.

Olamide suspected that the wristwatch was stolen by Blessing and thereby sent Blessing packing with a lengthy note urging blessing ”not to ever mess with the Marine spirits which she claimed she is one of.

The note which eventually leaked on Social Media sparked the speculation that Olamide is actually a water goddess.

These statements allegedly provoked her other roommates to drag her outside while still emphatically insisting that she is a mermaid.

“These frustrations caused her (mammy water) to reveal that the missing necklace (the one that caused the fight) makes her turn into a fish. After these confessions, the Able-bodied Alpha base (security operatives in the school) were then invited into the hostel to lead her out,” an eyewitness said.

Her other roommates claim that: ”She only baths in the morning. Upon waking, her bed is always soaked. She wakes up to soak and pour water on her leg. She often prays to a necklace over her bed every morning.”

Below is the video purportedly showing the alleged mermaid.

Below are some reactions on Twitter:

@ObongRoviel: ”She said she’s a mermaid and they poured water on her head, Her hair became green” Ayiiiiiii Zlatan without waterresistance Unilag ma pa mi naw.

@iefamharris: I just got info on WhatsApp. Apparently, when they poured water on her during a fight with some roommates, her hair turned green… Zlatan style. Prior to which he had threatened them that she was a mermaid and that she’d deal with them. This gist has me in stitches.

@OlaTheOG: So you’re telling me the mermaid leaves her 3 bedroom flat in the lagoon to Unilag every day for 4 years just to get a BS.sea?

@itz_laolao: After she has turned from Mermaid to normal at Fagunwa hostel, Alpha Base came to carry her inside their van. She forgot her fish tail in her room and her Poseidon trident too.

@FOnyeoziri: There’s rumour that a Unilag student just turned into a Mermaid this evening. If this is true, I suggest she be transferred to Department of Marine Sciences and be awarded first class honours.

@i_olaelixir: False news travel fast sha. The alleged Unilag girl that turned to a mermaid is a false news. She only said she’s a marine goddess & threaten her roommate after she refused her gift. According to an inside source, she has been victimizing them & acting all weird before. EOD.

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