MI Abaga issues a threat on twitter “ I will treat your fck up this time”

Rapper MI is usually calm and collected. He minds his business despite many disrespects and side disses from colleagues and some up and coming rappers. But today, he said he’s ready for war.

Sometimes he responds, sometimes he lets it go.  This time he decided to respond to someone that disrespected him and it didn’t wasn’t pretty. 

“ I hate people that sub tweet.. hate it, hate it, hate it.. Just say my name… just say it to me.. don’t worry I saw your tweet bro and I go definitely treat your fck up this time”. MI wrote in response to a tweet attack.

MI Abaga is one of the most respect rappers in Nigeria. He led the campaign for Nigerian rap artists before everyone jumped on it. Now young rappers are making money but they forgot who paved the way.

Although he didn’t mention anyone’s name. A source close to M. I Abaga said he was referring to his fellow rapper.

Here are fans reactions to MI Abaga’s threatening message.

These folks think he is also subbing someone.

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