MI Abaga rap beef with Vector got heated

A lot of people are wondering why MI and Vector are beefing; Nigeriatunes has the answer and you will be shocked when you hear what they said to each other.

MI dropped a song and Vector felt disrespected, as a result, Vector responded with a harsh rap verse. Here is the song that got some rappers heated at MI Abaga.

The Martell Cypher started it all. This is Cypher 2. Press play to listen.

MI put together a rap freestyle for featuring only the rappers that he thinks are the best in Nigeria. He put them on a freestyle group song and he pushed the song to the media. Vector and some other rappers felt violated and responses started pouring in. MI Abaga called the Cypher/freestyle ‘The Purification”.

“The Purification.. we respect HIPHOP too much to let it be disrespected so much.. @blaqbonez@loosekaynon@thisisaq The cleansing.. #MartellCypher2#ThePurification ” – MI

He got Blaq Bonez, Loose Kaynon and Gilbert ‘A-Q’ Bani on a Cypher freestyle and some Nigerian rap veteran felt disrespected.


Given you parables quotables/ plus I’m an animal only dudes notable to be standing so close to Jude are my homies and you know who!!!/so who really the best rappers in Africa? Who been top of the charts but still giving lyrical massacre/ I’ll put it like this as long as MI exists/ I’m number one and y’all can figure out the rest of the list/… 2 ghanians 3 rappers from SA/ 1 Kenyan rapper can step to me on their best day/ as for Naija I give the legend they props/ then it’s 4 niggas who did it like me that’s where it stops for real!!!!!

Vector Diss MI Abaga, see the post below

MI Abaga was in Vector’s comment, he wrote

Vector and MI Abaga beef led to exchanged words in the comment section. See it below.

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