MI Abaga said Nigeria Celebrities Don’t Like Him After Fallout with Wizkid and Akon

MI Abaga
MI Abaga

MI Abaga is arguably the most decorated rapper in Nigeria and one of the finest in Africa but in recent times, it seems he is gradually losing that special touch that makes him the Mr Incredible.

Every word this genius lyricist tweet these days is met with outrageous hate by many people on the micro-blogging platform especially from his colleagues who should fight on his side.

No wonder when a Twitter follower tweeted that it seems fellow celebrities in Nigeria don’t like him, the rapper replied by saying that it is “becoming clearer by the day”. He, however, added that he doesn’t really care whether they like him or not; he is determined to direct his attention to positive vibes only in 2020.

See the tweet MI used to affirm the likelihood of being hated by celebrities in Nigeria

If there is actually any hatred for MI, the genesis of such hatred may not be too far from his 2017 hit single ” You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives”. The track was seen as a troll against most Nigerian rappers that have switched from rapping to singing just to remain relevant in a music industry that is highly frustrating to rappers.

Almost all the A-list musicians who broke into the industry as rappers now do more of singing than rapping like Vector D’Viper, Olamida Badoo, Phyno, Ycee, Reminisce, Falz, Skales and a couple of others.

So, when MI said rappers should fix up their lives, most of them took it as a jab they have probably never forgiven the rapper for.

Another scenario that could probably be the source of the perceived hate, is the fact that MI is a pure English rapper who was formerly based in Jos before he moved to Lagos in 2008. Since he broke out that year with his hit single “Safe”, the rapper has been unstoppable. He practically ruled the South-West dominated rap culture for almost a decade and probably still the “Chairman” to many. This could be a bad taste in the tongue of his colleagues.

However, MI has turned more of a Twitter activist than a rapper especially from 2019. The rapper always tweets in an attempt to clear up issues he is not directly involved in and he is often misunderstood.

MI Abaga and His popular Issues on Twitter

File photo: Burna Boy, MI Abaga, AKA
File photo: Burna Boy, MI Abaga, AKA

One of such was when he attempted to intervene in the ranting between South Africa rapper AKA and Nigeria Afrobeats Star, Burna Boy over who is to be blamed on the Xenophobic attacks faced by Nigerians in South Africa.

Burna Boy misunderstood MI’s tweet to mean that he was supporting AKA. Burna Boy fired him hard on Twitter saying “And @MI_Abaga it’s Fuck @akaworldwide from now on. And if you down with him, it’s Fuck you too. I respect you too much, please Don’t throw my respect out the window cuz I swear you will fly out with it”. Some celebrities supported Burna Boy against MI who was just trying to use his tweet to preach orderliness as against Burna’s tweet which was calling for reprisals.

File Photo: MI and Vector
File Photo: MI and Vector

When MI allegedly slide into Vector’s DM in 2019, a serious war broke out between the rapper and Vector. A series of diss songs were released especially from Vector. A few celebrities publicly expressed their support for Vector.

Just a few days ago, MI was at the centre of another battle of his life on Twitter. He decided to come out and defend Wizkid after legendary Popstar, Akon tweeted that Wizkid is his “Lil bro”. MI insisted that Akon shouldn’t have called Wizkid a “Lil bro” based on how much he has achieved so far.

Almost everyone came out against MI saying he should mind his business. Even some celebrities publicly spoke against the rapper and a celebrity even lay a curse on him.

Well, we hope the rapper stand on his words and concentrate on positive vibes only in 2020 before Twitter help him to ruin the legacy he has built for himself.

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