Miley Cyrus reveals why she broke up with lesbian partner Kaitlyn Carter

American singer Miley Cyrus, has broken up with her lesbian partner, Kaitlyn Carter, saying their relationship was moving too fast.

Getting spooked over how quickly her relationship with Kaitlynn was developing, she quickly pulled the plug and bailed.

According to sources connected to the duo, there was nothing like cheating or fighting involved in Miley’s decision to break things off. This happened after a 2-month whirlwind romance where they were practically inseparable.

TMZ reports that they “got along like a house on fire,” to the extent of discussing marriage. Things got increasingly hot and heavy, making Miley realize she wasn’t ready to hop back into another committed relationship so soon.

Miley Cyrus not ready for a long term relationship as she broke up with Kaitlyn Carter

Nigeriatunes reports that Miley is not bothered by her apparent new fling with Cody Simpson. They were caught kissing in a restaurant. It was however gathered that Kaitlynn had expressed concern over Miley’s behaviour to friends, expressing worry over for her well-being.

They were first linked when they were spotted kissing poolside in Italy after Miley announced the separation from her husband, Liam Hemsworth. It could be recalled that Carter spilt with her man, Brody Jenner.

According to available information, Kaitlynn is currently seeing no one despite rumors of the contrary.

It was gathered that Miley suddenly realized she doesn’t want to commit to a relationship with the actress hence their breakup.

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