Mobil Petrol Station attendants beat 2 elderly women and molested one of them in public.

7 Mobil Petrol Station attendants in Akure, Ondo State capital beat 2 elderly women and molested one of them in public. The attendants beat up the woman badly because she parked in front of the Petrol station without a permit. The lady and her sister were on their way home from church.

“She explained and pleaded, but the attendant refused to listen to her excuse and in the process, the other attendants joined and demanded to know what happened. Before we knew it, the attendants became confrontational, and invited other boys, numbering about seven, to deal with the woman. They nearly beat her into a state of coma, as they molested and inflicted injuries on her.” – A family member recounted the ordeal

2 of 7 attendants that attacked the women have been arrested and they are awaiting trail. The women are receiving treatments at the police clinic. The victims names are Mr. Ogunmola and Iyabo.

“The scene today was very terrible at the Mobil Petrol Station along Oba Ile road. The woman in question only parked her vehicle at the front the filling station. By the time she returned to pick up her vehicle, the attendant at the station challenged her for parking without any permission,” A witness

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