Moesha Bodoung let the N*pples out again

Moesha Bodoung knows how to steal the spotlight. She has the body and she’s using it to her advantage.

Moesha Boduoung and her boyfriend Clement flirt below her picture.

Moesha Budoung is a popular Ghanaian actress and she’s also a host on Viasat 1 TV. She models and she was also a former military officer.

When She is not slaying, she is probably dealing with one rumor or the other.  She was recently linked with Shatta Wale after someone said that she’s sexually active with the Dance Hall star Shatta Wale.    

She denied the allegation, she was also rumored to have contacted HIV and she denied that too.

“I want to put on record that I do not have HIV/AIDS and the said man is not someone I have ever had anything to do with sexually. I know him but it is on a purely professional level. This is a man who has helped a lot of industry players.

The man I know is very principled and business oriented so it is quite unfair for anyone to tarnish his image using a deadly disease such as this, but what can you say? At the end of the day, it is the truth that matters. I don’t have any disease and I have never slept with the man in question.

Has the person behind this thought of how he or she would feel if the tables were turned? That I have a family, that I have a brand? What was the person’s aim? Well, if the aim was to make me look bad I’m sorry the person has failed. I am stronger than what people think.

I am not bothered at all. Far from it. If I have learnt anything in this world, it is not allowing negative things to get to me. These things come with the job so it is fine. The only issue I have is the HIV/AIDS part. Like I said, I do not have anything like that and I don’t sleep around for money”, – Moesha Boduong said while addressing HIV virus rumor.  

Moesha posted the picture above to inform people that her birthday is 10 days to come, she was born on March 10,th 1990. She is 28 years old; she’s from Kumasi, Ghana.   But the picture shows all her goodies and we are not sure what to expect on her birthday but it will be hotter than this. 

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