Moet Abebe strip down to One piece bikini in the jungle

The curvy OAP and award winner TV/Radio host shares a saucy picture while modeling for Bikini brand.

She was born on July 29th, 1989. The 29 years old TV and Radio presenter is very talented and she has a nice body. She also likes to show her beauty.  She grew up in the United Kingdom.   She graduated from University of Manchester as a lawyer. She moved back to Nigeria to pursue her career as TV presenter and she’s been doing well for herself since she moved back.  

Moet Abebe’s real name is Laura Monyeazo Abebe. She’s also an actress, she works for Sound City.  She started as a dancer and a model before she came on board with Sound City as a staff.  

Moet and her fiancé Chris got engaged in 2015 but they are yet to marry. She’s very quite with relationship. She purposely remains quite when people began to ask her why it’s taking so long for her to get married after her boyfriend proposed to her in 2015.  

Moet Abebe’s engagement ring

She started dating Monk Chief and they got engaged in 4 years ago. 

Moet blast people who inquire about her marriage status.

“#mood…. I find it very interesting how ppl are quick to say ooo make sure he marries you, he looks like an agbero (a yummy one may I add lol), stop making things “public” lol…. I need to really understand how me posting pics with my man doing something adventurous or exciting (where btw I look nice in ) is me making things public … I take a photo… I like… I post… Making things public would b me putting out details of my relationship you don’t need to know or have no clue about, not just pictures…. Ya’ll take ish too seriously… I haven’t even dated him for a year yet but a few rodents and leeches think it’s the time to b asking me when I will marry… Well if ya’ll actually allow me to enjoy my relationship and understand that before marriage is the dating process then wedding bells shall be heard… I feel that’s why so many women are pressurized into marriage so quick (as was my case a year ago) Ppl don’t even let you to date your partner in peace and make sure he’s right for you… It’s a new month, my advise is stop taking another person’s love life so damn seriously…. “   She wrote on Social media. 

This year has been a unique year for Moet Abebe, she’s been showing more skins and she’s easily tangled in rumors and controversies.   She was rumored to be dating L.A.X because she shared an intimate picture of both of them on Instagram. Few days after that, she was almost naked in the swim pictures that she released. 

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