Mompha Arrest: American Forensic Expert Wants Hushpuppi Arrested Too

From left, Mompha and Hushpuppi

An American Forensic expert, Gar Warner has applauded the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over the arrest of Mompha. He wishes another Instagram showman, Ray Hushpuppi suffers the same fate.

Hushpuppi is an Instagram celebrity based in Dubai like Mompha. He is fond of flaunting his wealth to his Instagram followers.

Since EFCC arrested him, people have continued to ask the EFCC to do the same to his friend, Hushpuppi.

EFCC arrested Mompha on 18 October 2019. The agency arrested him on his way to Dubai over alleged involvement in internet-related fraud and money laundering.

Mompha allegedly carried out the crime under the guise of being a Bureau de Change operator.

The agency said he only used the BDC business as a cover-up to launder his proceeds of crime.

Warner, a researcher of Malware and Social Networks of Criminals, tweeted that Mompha is a “Top Ten” Business Email Compromise scammer. He alleged that Mompha is a criminal who mostly hides with his money in Dubai.

He urged his followers to check Mompha’s Instagram account to see the scale of his alleged criminal earnings.

“Maybe they’ll get his friend #Hushpuppi next”, he tweeted. He, however, said the solution to crime in West Africa is not arresting but providing better economic situations.

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