Mother of music promoter allegedly assaulted by Davido vows never to forgive the singer for disgracing her child (Video)

If you are a social media savvy, you must have seen a video shared online showing a music promoter accusing Nigerian singer, Davido of assaulting him when he tried to hug the singer at the airport where he saw the singer. The unidentified music promoter alleged that he was so excited to see the famous singer at the airport where he had gone to pick one of the artists that he is managing. According to him, he tried to show love by hugging Davido little did he know that a small fish must not be the first to embrace a big fish, he alleged that Davido hit him hard in the chest and walk away.

The angry promoter uploaded a video online calling out Davido for being so cruel to him like he had done something wrong to him before. He alleged that he was even trying to reach out to the singer after he had hit him in the chest to know if he has offended him before but the singer just snubbed him and walk away.

Meanwhile, Davido in a post on Instagram called out the promoter and apologise to him for behaving in such away. Davido explained he was trying hug the promoter but he was moving too fast which made it look like he hit him in the chest. Davido affirmed he’s got much love and respect for him.

However, it appears Davido didn’t just offend the angry music promoter but his entire family. His mum, Wunmi Praise who is a gospel artist has released a video online calling out Davido for attacking her son. She alleged that Davido is such a mannerless singer and he should go and learn manners from other artists. The gospel artist reiterated that she will never forgive Davido for attacking her son.

See video below:

There is no doubt that Davido needs to apologise to a legion of people now.

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