Mr Eazi left work to vacation with his billionaire’s daughter girlfriend again

When you have a girlfriend, she’ll require your time and attention no matter how busy you are. Mr Eazi is an Afrobeat artist and he is always booked. However, he may have been cancelling shows to be with his billionaire’s daughter Girlfriend.

Temi Otedola is Mr Eazi’s girlfriend. They have been dating for a long time and they are waxing stronger despite having to do a long-distance relationship.

The couple is on vacation n Mykonos and they shared some pictures. Mr Eazi was on the phone in one of the pictures and Temi captioned it ” “it’s the last business call of the day” he said “, meaning why is he working again.

Mr Eazi was with Temi’s family for a family vacation in Monaco a few weeks ago, he left work to go and he is back on vacation again. He left work again.

Mr Eazi vacationed with Temi Otedola’s family

He may have been leaving work a lot to keep up with his relationship, it’s not a bad idea but it’s just noticeable.

Here are their newest vacation pictures

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