Mr2Kay blasts MC Galaxy after Actress Etinosa went nude on his IG live “ You are worse than R Kelly “

Mr2kay has hash words for MC Galaxy following the mishap that happened on his Freaky Friday giveaway Instagram live show. Every Friday, MC Galaxy hosts a show that he called Freaky Friday giveaway, he allowed people to join in on IG live and showcase their talents.   

In some cases some women get naked for money and people called him out for that.   Etinosa’s case was the second time someone went naked on MC Galaxy show.  Click here to read more.  

Mr2kay claimed that MC Galaxy is to be held responsible for Etinosa’s sexual display.  

“ MC Galaxy en, you are very wicked person, you are a wicked person, you F*ck UP, you saw that Etinosa was drunk and she came to your IG live, she was drunk and she told you that she was depressed, she came on your IG live and you told her to go nude, that she should take off her clothes. People told you to end the video and you did not end the video. You are a wicked soul and God will punish you. I am saying this because you are someone very close to me. The girl sent me a message around 11, she said come to MC Galaxy come and save me. I didn’t understand at the time, I saw the message around 1:20 am, network was bad where I was at, and I wasn’t in Lagos. Why do you do these things? You are worse than R Kelly”.  – MR2kay  

Mr2kay compared MC Galaxy to R – Kelly, R Kelly is an American singer who is facing felony charges for engaging in sexual activities with underage girls.  MR.2kay has removed the post on his Instagram live. 

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