Must I be the Sacrifice at all cost? Cubana Chief Priest Slams His Family claiming that they want to drown him

Cubana Chief Priest
Cubana Chief Priest

There must be fire on the mountain in the family of one of the richest young men from the eastern part of Nigeria, Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu, popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest, who took to his Instagram account on Tuesday, February 25, 2020, to urge his extended family to leave him alone.

The millionaire who is the Executive Director of Cubana Group is known for throwing money around and owns one of the biggest night clubs in Lagos. It seems he is tired of the constant giveaways to his family members who he said are not appreciative of what he has been doing for them.

While wondering whether it was a crime to be successful in one’s family, he stressed that he is no longer giving any of his family members anything if the family member is not ready to reciprocate whatever he/she is getting from him.

According to him, his family members are doing all within their powers to drown him, stressing that from henceforth, they must earn whatever they are getting from him. He also wants them to know that he is no longer a fool and can not be their sacrifice.

Cubana Chief Priest who is also known for social media giveaways urged his family members to “get off” from his businesses and wait for the time he would do giveaways, describing them as “a bunch of ungrateful people”.

In the tail end of the lengthy caption he shared on Instagram to make all these disclosures and allegations against his family, Cubana Chief Priest urged his Instagram followers not to think that their family members respect them. He wants them to believe that the main intention of their family members is to make them broke and then run away.

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See the screenshot of the attack Cubana Chief Priest subjected his family to here:

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